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Business Office Hours

Hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm with the exception of holidays. The office will be closed daily from 12:00pm-1:00 pm for lunch.

Payment Information

MacGillivray Guest Home will provide the Resident with room, board and nursing care. The Resident and/or Resident's Authorized Representative will pay MacGillivray Guest Home the accommodation charge authorized by the Nova Scotia Department of Health. The Department of Health will adjust the authorized accommodation charge annually and provide notice of this increase thirty days in advance of the November 1st effective date. The Resident and/or Resident's Authorized Representative will pay the Department of Health authorized Accommodation Charge by no later than the first day of each month, for the coming month. The method of payment shall be by automatic withdrawal.

Trust Services


MacGillivray Guest Home offers residents a trust account. The purpose of the resident trust account is for the convenience of residents who need to have funds maintained in a safe place and readily available for the use of the resident. Withdrawals from this fund will only be at the request of the resident or the residents authorized representative.


The resident is responsible for all costs relating to prescriptions. Most residents qualify for Nova Scotia Seniors Pharmacare, which can help with the cost of prescription medication. For more information you can go to the following website: Seniors Pharmacare.

Funeral Costs

The Resident and/or Resident's Authorized Representative or the Resident's Estate is responsible for any costs associated with the funeral of the Resident. The Resident and/or Resident's Authorized Representative is required to advise MacGillivray Guest Home of any prearranged funeral arrangements.

Additional Charges

The Resident and/or Resident's Authorized Representative is responsible for, on an ongoing basis:

1. Appropriate clothing and adequate footwear.

2. Medications, and other treatments or aids ordered by a physician unless otherwise provided as "basic services" of MacGillivray Guest Home or as benefits of Medical Services Insurance (MSI).

3. Assistive devices, (e.g. wheelchair, walker, cane, etc.).

4. Eyeglasses, dental care, prosthetic devices (e.g. dentures, hearing aids, etc.), anything else which may be necessary for the Resident's safety, health and welfare while residing at MacGillivray Guest Home.

5. Needed repairs and/or replacement of the above effects.

6. Telephone service in resident’s room.

7. Purchase of cable or internet services.

8. Newspaper subscription.

9. Transportation services:

(a) Taxi charges vary depending on trip
(b) Ambulance fees
(c) Travel attendant (if one is required)

10. Pull ups (Other incontinence products provided)

11. Prescription medication.

12. Non-prescription medication including herbal remedies, and vitamins.
13. Hair and charges.

Income Tax Returns & Other

The Home provides Tax Return preparation service for all residents compliments of qualified volunteers. Care cost expense receipts may be obtained from the Finance Office upon request. The Home cannot assume the responsibility for the loss or breakage of valuables, or for the loss of money. Extra money should be kept in a trust account and not in the resident's room.

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