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General Safety

The safety and well being of our residents is our prime concern. We also recognize that safety is a dual responsibility of residents/family and staff. For your safety all resident rooms are equipped with nurse call systems. We encourage their use.

Due to safety precautions and possible overcrowding of resident rooms, a limited number of articles of personal furniture are permitted. A favorite chair (appropriate size for room) TV (no larger than 27” flat screen. Pictures are allowed but must be approved by the maintenance department.

For safety reasons, please do not bring in extension cords, electric blankets, rugs, heating pads or humidifiers, we recommend that residents purchase a power bar if more than one item is plugged into a socket. Any and all electrical items must be certified for safety by our Maintenance Department. Power bars must be CSA approved.

Unfortunately the Home does not have the storage capacity to keep resident’s personal items. These items will need to be taken home by family members for safe keeping.

The main lobby “front door” is open during the day. All doors are alarmed during the day and night to ensure your safety.

Fire Safety

Every effort is made to protect the home against fire. MacGillivray Guest home has systems in place to meet current regulations for fire safety. To ensure safety of residents and staff, fire drills are held regularly. Bells will ring and fire doors will automatically close. Your cooperation during these fire drills will assist us in providing a safe environment. Please follow instructions from our staff when the alarm rings.

The Fire Marshall and Fire Department make annual inspections.

The fire alarm system and smoke detectors are inspected and tested annually.

All visitors, family members and contractors are asked to please sign in when you enter the facility and sign out when you leave. Identifying the number of individuals in the facility in the event of a fire or disaster will assist in an effective evacuation


The home is in the process of renovating and upgrading the residents rooms and other essential rooms in the Home such as the dinning rooms, activity rooms and solariums. Therapeutic tubs were installed as well as a new shower stall for the comfort and enjoyment of the guests.

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