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Project Manager - For the Development of a Long Term Care Facility

Overview - Request for Proposals


Position Summary:

The R C MacGillivray Guest Home, is seeking a Request for Proposal for a Project Manager to undertake the scope of work required for the development of a  Long Term Care facility  on Alexandra St, Sydney, Nova Scotia. The site consists of lands adjacent to the current complex and will be required to accommodate 96 residents.


Proponents are requested to submit a proposal for Professional Services, including General Scope of Services, and Experience of the Firm or Individual proponent, to serve as Project Manager. 


It is expected that the Project Manager will be able to meet on site on a regular scheduled basis,  with representatives of the MacGillivray Guest Home, herein referred to as the Service Provider, to provide a seamless exchange of ideas, technical information, scheduling of all phases of the work,  preparation of capital budgets, etc, as necessary to manage and oversee the project from appointment of all design consultants,  through to completion of construction and occupancy.


Proponents are requested to submit a detailed proposal and to generally include:

Project Experience

  • A response to all points outlined under heading" Qualifications" below,

  • Personnel committed to the project

  • Scope of Professional Fees, and expenses

  • Anticipated duration of contract, from inception to occupancy

  • The Board of Directors of MGGH reserves the right to accept the Qualified Individual/ Firm as it deems appropriate to represent the best interests of RC MacGillivray Guest Home.

  • Submission of Request for Proposal Due Date

  • Electronic Copy must be submitted to by May 7, 2021 to:

Qualifications of Project Manager

  • Must hold a valid Clearance Letter from the Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia. 

  •  Must be able to provide a certificate of $5,000,000 General Liability Insurance and a certificate for $5,000,000. Professional Liability Insurance.

  • Must not have any conflicts of interest with the Project, the Department of Health,  or the MacGillivray Guest Home .                                                                                   

  • Must have experience in managing at least one health care capital project in excess of ten million dollars.   

  • Must have a minimum of 8 years’ experience in managing and leading capital projects in excess of ten million dollars .

  • Must be certified in CSA Z317.13, Infection Control, during Construction and Renovations in Healthcare Facilities.

  • Shall be experienced and skilled with respect to the development and execution of complex project plans.

  • Must have education in the field of Project Management. The minimum requirement for education is Project Management Professional Accreditation [I.e. PMI/PMP] or demonstrated equivalent.

  • It is recommended that the project manager [ PM] has erosion and sedimentation control certification issued by the Province of Nova Scotia.

  • Must have experience with Microsoft Office.

Scope of Work

  • The PM is to complete all work in the best interest of the Service Provider.

  • The PM is to promote Health and Safety.

  • The PM is to establish project organization structure, roles, and responsibilities as well as Communication protocols. 

  • The PM shall lead the team in defining the Service Provider's Project requirements and document in a Project Charter.

  • The PM shall lead the team in the development of the Service Provider's Budget and Schedule.

  • The PM shall verify that all submissions to the Department of Health and Wellness are accurate, timely, and complete. 

  • The PM on behalf of the Service Provider, pre-qualify, brief, develop scopes, develop RFP's, interview and arrange for the employment or contract of all Consultants whose services are required for the proper and complete execution of the  Project Plan.

  • The PM shall, on behalf of the Service Provider, pre-qualify, brief, oversee the tendering and bid analysis, and arrange for the employment of all contractor services required for the complete execution of the Construction Work defined to be in scope.

  • The PM shall provide Project budgeting and cost control services.

  •  The PM shall provide Project scheduling services. 

  •  The PM shall provide Risk Management services.

  •  The PM shall maintain Project records.

  •  The PM shall oversee, manage and coordinate all surveying, site analysis, planning and      zoning requirements. NOTE:  a Site survey has been commissioned to incorporate all         existing site plans into one comprehensive plan, with boundaries, site features, existing    municipal services on site, and topographical grid.  

  •   The PM shall, in consultation with the Consultant, identify and coordinate the needs and requirements of all “Authorities Having Jurisdiction for the Project" to proceed smoothly and function for its intended purposes. 

  •  The PM shall manage, coordinate and expedite all Consultant and contractual services        required for the Project.

  • The PM shall manage, coordinate and expedite all required reporting activities required by the Department of Health and Wellness.

  •  The PM shall manage, coordinate and expedite all required quality assurance and quickly control required tasks for the project.

  •  The PM shall manage, coordinate and expedite the Project's Commissioning Plan.

  •  The PM shall provide services other than as set out above as instructed by the Service Provider and as agreed to from time to time throughout the duration of the Project. 

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