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Program Standards for Volunteer Involvement

Standard 1: Volunteer Services
Volunteers are welcomed and treated as valued and integral members of the home. MacGillivray Guest Home has a planned approach for volunteer involvement that includes linking volunteers to the achievement of the mission, providing appropriate support to the volunteer program and establishing policies for effective management of volunteer services.

Standard 2: Planning and Policies
Policies and procedures are established by the home to provide a framework that defines and supports volunteer involvement for all appropriate programs.

Standard 3: Volunteer Placement
Volunteer placements address the mission and purpose of MacGillivray Guest Home and involve volunteers in meaningful ways that reflect the abilities, needs and backgrounds of the volunteer and the home.

Standard 4: Recruitment
Volunteer recruitment incorporates internal and external strategies to reach out into the community and involve a diverse volunteer base.

Standard 5: Interviewing and Screening
A clearly communicated interview and screening process is adopted and used to protect the rights of our residents and to ensure proper placement of volunteers.

Standard 6: Orientation and Training
Each volunteer is provided with an orientation to the home, our policies and procedures, including the values, guiding principles and responsibilities of volunteers. Each volunteer receives training appropriate to their placement and the needs of the volunteer.

Standard 7: Attendance Management
Volunteer service hours are recorded and documented and attendance management practices are utilized to ensure adequate and efficient volunteer involvement.

Standard 8: Recognition and Evaluation
The contributions of volunteers are consistently acknowledged and evaluated with formal rewards and yearly evaluation surveys. The impact and contribution of volunteers are continually recognized and evaluated to ensure the needs of the home are met.

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